Many people consider the kitchen the heart of their home. It is a gathering place for family and friends, for homework and entertaining; but sometimes our clients forget it is a work environment too, where counter top space is paramount in your new kitchen design.

Your kitchen counter tops suffer a lot of wear and tear. Hot items get placed on it, dishes slide across it, pans smack into it and much more. Changing out the counter top for a new one takes care of any worry about dents, scratches or other damage on your previous counter top. In addition, a new counter top can also add a new look and feel to the room. Replacing the counters can be a little expensive, but there is always cheaper solution in laminate counter tops.Granite Countertops

Your Overisel Kitchen and Bath designer will talk with you about your cooking style, your taste, and your budget to help you decide the best counter top for your home. With choices ranging from natural stone such as granite, marble and quartz to concrete or wood, your counter will provide the pizazz that will make your kitchen extra special.Solid Surface Countertops



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